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  • How do I serve on the Board of Directors?
    Elections are held in October of each year. Candidates are selected from residents who expressed interest on their Directory Update Forms, sent in January of each year. You may also call or e-mail the manager if you might be interested in serving in the future.
  • I asked my neighbors if it was OK with them if I keep my boat (trailer, etc.) in my driveway, and they all said it would be fine. So, I am permitted to keep it there, right?
    Even though your neighbors may not mind, it is still against the Restrictive Covenants of Wildwood, and you will need to find another place to keep it.
  • I have lost my copy of the Restrictive Covenants (or Rules and Regulations). Where can I get another copy?
    You may obtain them from our website. Click on “Documents” to view and print.
  • What considerations are there for satellite dishes?
    If you live on Riverwood, Villa, or Chateau, your dish may not be visible from the street, according to Restrictions for this area.  If you live in other areas of Wildwood, the restrictions state that no dish, aerial or antenna shall be installed in a location highly visible from the street, and no dish, aerial or antenna shall extend more than five (5) feet above the highest point of the roof of the Living Unit or Accessory Structure. Before a dish, aerial or antenna can be placed and maintained on any Lot not containing a Living Unit, the Owner must obtain prior approval from the Architectural Control Committee. To the extent this restriction is prohibited by or more burdensome than the rules and regulations adopted by the Federal Communications Commission, the rules and regulations adopted by the Federal Communications Commission shall govern.
  • What is it necessary to get Architectural Control Committee approval for?
    Tree removal, repainting or reroofing, room additions, major overhaul of landscaping, fence installation, or any other action which would change the exterior appearance of your home or lot.
  • Who owns the pipeline right-of-way that extends from Riverwood to Heather?
    The land is owned by Wildwood HOA, with a permanent easement granted to Enbridge Pipeline. Neither Enbridge nor Wildwood HOA permit the use of the right-of-way for storage, dog runs, dumping of yard debris, etc. Wildwood HOA is responsible for the mowing of this area, and this is done approximately once per month during the growing season.
  • Why can't I put up garage sale signs? I have done so for years without a problem.
    Our Restrictive Covenants prohibit the display of signs, other than “for sale” or “for rent”. However, state law requires us to allow political signs with certain limitations during an election season. Signs placed on Wildwood owned or maintained property will be removed.


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